Does the idea of starting dating again bring up any of the following feelings for you:

  • Anxiety (dating these days is really difficult isn’t it? Especially online dating?)
  • Ambivalence (do I even want a partner? Maybe I’m better off alone It’ll be too hard…)
  • Confusion (how can I even start dating again? Where do I start?)
  • Fear (I ended up getting hurt with the last person I dated -  I don’t want to repeat that!!)
  • Frustration (all the good ones are taken aren’t they? What’s the point?)
  • Sadness (all my friends are in relationships, what am I doing wrong?)

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, don’t worry. Your feelings are very common.

I offer dating coaching sessions for clients who have taken the ‘Calling In The One’ course with me, and also for people who haven’t done the course. 

In the dating sessions we learn how to:

  • Navigate online dating (including how to create an optimum online dating profile, select your profile photos and the art of video dating)
  • Identify ‘red flags’
  • Apply attachment theory to dating
  • Be a ‘dating detective’
  • Self-regulate your younger self whilst dating
  • Use and trust your intuition as your dating superpower
  • Date using radical self - love
  • Pace intimacy (emotional and physical)
  • Champion your relationship deal-breakers
  • Prioritize safety and healthy boundaries

And more! 

for a free discovery call so we can assess how I can help you in the area of dating.


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