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from those Jo has helped on their journey to find love

"Thanks to Jo, the love I have for myself and my life is so wonderful to feel again. I am so excited about using the skills I learnt and my new found confidence to welcome the love I truly deserve into my life. 

Thank you, Jo!

MB, New Plymouth

"Doing the Calling In The One course with Jo was an incredible journey.  Jo provided a safe, non-judgmental space to help me identify and change my mindset about relationships and what I really wanted to manifest. 

Jo is very empathetic, encouraging and supportive. Soon after the course,  I called in my wonderful partner and we have had two beautiful children together and bought a home.  I am living the dream and very happy!"

J.P. Nelson

“Jo’s coaching and the CITO course helped me to transform my core identity and beliefs about love. Jo is really caring and skilful in the way she coaches. 

I feel much more confident than I did before the course, and the coaching had a positive impact on many areas of my life.  And I am now excited to be dating again!!”

F.Y. Picton

“I experienced a profound shift in consciousness during and after my coaching sessions with Jo.  It gave me huge insight into how my subconscious patterns were affecting the love for myself and my loved ones. 

Jo helped me to recognise the old patterns that had been reoccurring in my life and why this was happening. She gave me the tools and confidence to finally reach out and find my loved one. Thank you Jo!”

Julie D, Tasman

“The ‘Calling In The One’ book is excellent but the experience of working with an actual coach took me to a much deeper level of understanding and allowed me to have really revealing insights into how I had been creating my relationships. 

Jo has been patient, supportive and I’ve felt safe exposing my vulnerability. Her joyful passion for the Calling In The One work is contagious!”

Amrita, South Island NZ

"I was lucky enough to have Calling In The One coaching with Jo. Thanks to her keen insights I discovered things that I had been doing which were blocking me achieving my goals. We had lots of laughs! 

I would recommend working with Jo as what she teaches is how to ‘call in’ and love yourself. What a wake up call!"

S.R. Nelson

"Working through Calling In The One with you has been revealing, healing and inspiring. Your style of coaching and support has been lovely and the key words you have given me are valuable touchstones. 

Thank you so much - I am now walking on much stronger ground.

J.M. Nelson

“Jo’s coaching helped me to have some real breakthroughs in the areas of love and relationships. I understand myself and my relationship patterns much more clearly now. 

As a result of doing the ‘Calling In The One’ course with Jo, I feel I am ready not only to finally meet my beloved, but also to maintain a life-long, love-filled relationship with him. ”

Aron, Christchurch

“Undertaking ‘Calling In The One’ under Jo's warm, compassionate and wise guidance was a major turning point in my life.  

After much reflection I decided that I would harness my energy into being the best possible version of myself and simply be open to life as it presents itself.  This has brought immense serenity and joy to my life”.

Jude, Nelson

Working through ‘Calling In The One’ with Jo helped me to realise what my patterns in relationships had been and how these were connected to beliefs I had about myself - beliefs I didn’t even know I had!!! 

Thanks Jo for all your support through the course. Highly recommend to others wanting to learn how to create greater levels of love in their life. 

R.C - NZ

I cannot speak more highly of what Jo is offering with ‘Calling In The One’. 

The beauty of this book is while it purports to be about bringing the right person to you, the author really has you calling in yourself. So I would recommend it to anyone whether they are in a relationship or single. 

I was sceptical at first because I have been in a happy relationship for over 30 years but I realised that I couldn’t fully love another without doing that important work on myself. 

Jo, leads the sessions gently, calmly and with superb skill. She pushes in a non -  threatening way and helps you find the affirmations to move forward. You get the sense she truly cares about you and your future with her integrity.Thank you!

TK. Nelson

Calling in the One was an amazing experience , especially with Jo . I felt so safe and seen, facing fear and vulnerability whilst gaining courage and inspiration to start over in the journey of love. 

Life Changing!” 

M.A. Coromandel

I will be a compassionate guide on your journey toward a love-filled life!

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